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 Mr Kevin Jee

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Membre actif niveau 5

Masculin Chat
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Mr Kevin Jee  Empty
MessageSujet: Mr Kevin Jee    Mr Kevin Jee  EmptyMar 22 Mar - 20:50

@ WORK club Axiome (hail)

Mr Kevin Jee  444301kevinjee

Kevin Jee was born July 24, 1966 in Brussels. He is the eldest of 2 boys in the family, whose younger brother is Pascal Legrand.
Soon as a kid, he is rapidely confronted to the sound of the 60's and the 70's his parents are listening repeatedly at home. His father and uncle at that time, are already "mobile deejays", making weddings and birthday parties... When they both taken the decision to stop their respective musical occupations, they entrusted him the precious material and records. The 12 years old boy is now equiped to discover the art of mix...

In 1982, he is invited to participate at a radio broadcast on one of the first independent radio station of the country, "Radio CTR". A radio that had their studios at the "Traumatology Revalidation Center" of Brussels. They will give to him the host of a weekly 2 hours "special remixes" show. He will be heared on other stations as well, like "Radio Kiss & Paradiso". In 1988, he met Richard Cue and Michel Brunelli at Top FM Radio.
With them, he releases his first productions and remixes as "Technotronic: Pump Up the Jam (Top FM mix)".

In 1984 he receives his first real chance to begin a career as club deejay at the famous dance club "Mustang" in Strombeek-Bever. During summer of 83-84&85 he became resident in some famous clubs of the belgian coast (Vip's Inn, Twenty-one ...). Followed by several important residencies in clubs like "Alhambra (Mons), Paradise (Tournai), Palm Beach (Asse), Studio Gallery (Brussels), Equinoxe (Baisy-Thy)..."

On February 26, 1988 he participates at the controversial Belgian Final of DMC (Disco Mix Club). He finished 2nd, but the organisation let him know that he should have been the winner of the evening... Another deejay was indeed declared winner in order to conclude commercial approaches in London during the "World Final" that took place a few days later. That deejay is at that time owner of a record store in the north side of Belgium ....

A year later Kevin meets Franky Paolo and Jimmy Nazim,. They enter AGS studios to produce some songs that will be regularely seen on the TV channel "RTL-TVI" in a charts TV show called "10 Qu'on aime". A very popular program where he will also be seen on stage, beside the singer Christine from the band "Chis et Moi", originally chorist-dancer from "Lou And The Hollywood Bananas". During 2 years, the trio of composers-arrangers, will release several records under the label "Touch Records". A label created by Francis Tornade, owner of the famous "Top 30" records store in Brussels. That experience suddenly also opens to his eyes the unexpected doors of weird "behind the scenes" labels practices that dampen his motivation and desire to sign any contracts to release his own compositons...

When "House music" makes its appearance in Europe, Kevin decides to move from the 70's and 80's dance scene to fully enter the era of "Electronic music" of the 90's. An opportunity is given to him to become the main resident at the famous club "Balmoral" in Gentbrugge, one of the very first after club in Europe. He will there spread his unique sound of "Trance, Progressive and Tribal House" as in all across the country, France and Germany. In Cologne, he is asked to become the main resident of the first german after club concept called "Sundance" at "Petit Prince" where for more then 2 years he will be the main source for others after clubs to open all over Germany. In Düsseldorf, at "Ratinger Hof, he will be seen on sunday nights with René Süss and beside Andry Nalin (Nalin and Kane). In Belgium, with a handful of friends like Yves Deruyter, Frank Zolex, Tofke, Phiphi, Marko, they lead the main belgian electronic scene, in those legendary and mythic clubs like "Balmoral, Globe, Illusion, Heaven, La Rocca, Cherry Moon, Carat, Extreme, Axiome..." where, when they are not residents, they still can be seen as regular guests... Today, they are still considered and named by clubbers as "Star Deejays"!
In 1995, he joined the "Mackenzie records" team where he attempts a new production experience by making some remixes with composers Patrick Fasseau & Stephane Akenan like this one of the most played retro House track: "The Mackenzie featuring Jessy: Without You (Odyssey to Kevin Jee mix)". A second experience that will leave him a little bitter, because of a risky decision taken from the label director that jeopardize the success of his work... His strong commercial melodic version of "The Mackenzie featuring Jessy: Got To Get Up (Maud elle mix)" is ununderstandably released on a 12 inch b-side instead as a main single and radio version...
In 2000, he released his first compostion with "Byte records" with the project "Delay" and a track called "It's in my Soul". An 11 minutes progressive & intense road song, still today highly researched by fine progressive and tasty people...
Since 2007, his melodic choices of records federates lot of fans all around the globe through his official website, where he offers monthly mixes called "Sound Sessions", his own personal view of the world, through melancholic melodies and some others, darker, reflecting his darknest deep feelings and inner demons…
December 2010, Kevin created CoonCat records, main house for all new 2011 & future "Delay"productions...
Since February 2011, "Club Carat:The Real Thing" asked him to join their dj team... salut salut respekt
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Masculin Dragon
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Mr Kevin Jee  Empty
MessageSujet: Re: Mr Kevin Jee    Mr Kevin Jee  EmptyMar 21 Mai - 13:31

Message déplacé dans la section "artists reviews".

Attention : Le lien mix n'est plus valide.

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Mr Kevin Jee
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